Infrastructure, Funding & Regulatory Awareness

Leader: European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN)

To facilitate international cooperation by developing a database of i) high-quality and interoperable clinical trial centres that can support investigation and trial management, ii)  funding sources for independent international trials, and iii) main national ethical and regulatory requirements to facilitate multinational trials. 

Description of the work:
Access to research networks with adequate facilities, staff and support functions is crucial to perform efficient multinational clinical research. In Europe, a pan-regional research infrastructure has been established, based on national networks of clinical trial units, through the European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN). However, there is a lack of similar pan-regional networks elsewhere in the world, as well as of a global structure linking clinical research networks in different regions of the world.

This activity will entail the mapping of existing national and regional clinical research networks, and an inventory of funding opportunities for multinational trials. Based on these findings, a model for the creation of a global network of clinical research facilities will be proposed, along with a model for the funding of international multi-centric clinical trials. Additional activities may include capacity building and tools development.