3rd CRIGH General Assembly

22 October 2020

The Clinical Research Initiative for Global Health (www.crigh.org) aims to support international collaboration on clinical research by developing global standards and establishing a collaborative framework to address health issues worldwide. 

The COVID-19 crisis has underscored the need for international collaborative research infrastructures to facilitate and streamline the implementation of independent clinical trials, the collection, sharing and access to data and adapted ethics and regulatory frameworks.  

The objectives of the Third CRIGH General Assembly, held virtually due to the current COVID-19 crisis constraints, are to: 

  • Provide the opportunity to discuss the progress of the various activities and consolidate the role of CRIGH as a key partner for the co-development of independent clinical trials. 

  • Draft recommendations for global health actors and stakeholders to support independent, timely and equitable clinical trial implementation and access. 

CRIGH agenda